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[EVENEMENT] Tournois PVP ! Du 15 au 16 Octobre


Good evening everyone,
I announce PvP tournaments kryone!

vent Presentation:
The vent and a 3v3 PvP tournaments. It lasts this tournament server Kryone dishes available only for the vent.
Your characters connected you simply type the command ".level 200", a shop and made available for you stuff, absolutely all the stuffs that NPCs sell are allowed.
The vent and in the form of tournaments.

Everyone accepted and you will be on the same footing. To register I invite you to contact a member of staff on the forums / Ig / discord or just post in the wake of the subject.
You need 3 players and a team name. In your nicknames is required tag to contain your team. (To you identified more quickly)
The staff is at your disposal for any questions as possible about the vent.

- 400 shop points
- Unpublished Title
- DD armor
All Kryone servers are concerned by the vent.

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[Infos] Serveur vocal discord?


Good evening everyone,
I announce the opening of a discord server for Kryone servers.

What is a discord?

You knew all Ts3, mumble or skype. Discord is exactly the same principle, much better in my opinion.

Conditions for joining the discord?

Absolutely no, you just simply connect you to click the channel reception for a member of staff can add you as a member server.
You do not need to download the software, enter the address (Data at the end of the subject) in your browser. I advise you still download the software. (Https://

Security for our players?

We know that many Player heroic server uses the TeamSpeak 3 software to communicate, unfortunately this software allows anyone to have your IP and some people use your IP to you in agro DDOS. Discord does not reveal your IP, it will avoid this kind of problem that is becoming increasingly common on our server.
With this server provided by the Kryone staff, we guarantee a better security within our servers.

Reconciliation from the community?

The discord server that offers Kryone allow the staff to approach more of this community, we could actually discuss vocal with our players. This will make your job easier to contact us.

The channels discord?

On the server we have multiple channel category of channels devoted to staff, Heroic server, server and server Ankalike Semi-like future when are opening.
Players have the right to request specific channels to be only them. To apply I invite you to contact a member of staff on the forum, discord, ig.
Guilds can have their personal channel, an application is also required.
A channel "need help" is available, a staff member will take you in one of the private channels of staff in order to help you.
For those who can not vocal, the "textual" lounges are at your disposal. The discord server and therefore accessible to everyone.

We hope to see you on our server discord, to help you quickly and get even closer to our community.

---> Beware the rules of discord are the same as on our servers no deviation will be tolerated. <----

To connect to the server:

Click here

Good evening everyone and especially about the discord!

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[EVENEMENT] Grasmera & Grozzila (du 30/09 au 02/10)

Syn Jorge had predicted. Tired of Abrak! Grozilla ruthless and terrible Grasmera his wife arrive!
A proof ?
A serious douzien appointed Gygy dragged to the peninsula of Dreggon in the sanctuary specifically. He crossed it's terrible giants, however this douzien like no other so powerful (a endfight) defeated without pression.
So the two titanics lizards was captured, temporary dungeon created on the time returned to their original server.
Legendary Warriors have already faced these monsters in the past!
Their names are known to all now! Will you be brave enough or crazy to try to become a legend?

Presentation of the event:
The event this place as a dungeon. To access an NPC you'll be available. - 3 rooms.
Go to the last room to be able defeat Grozzilla & Grasmera.

It will takes place for the weekend of 30/09 to 02/10.
The event will take place throughout the weekend, no specific schedule. The level 180-200 and advisor.
Event available on all our servers.

- A title "Killer Grozilla & Grasmera"
- A 5% shield strength in all items / 50% power.
- 200 Pts shop.
- 40 Runes PA
- 40 Rune PM

(Introduce a screen at The-Name or Marco-Phoenix when you win)
For questions about the event thank you to send a private message to The-Name / Marco-Phoenix. (Forum or IG)
The team Kryone

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L'équipe s'organise !


That's it ! The team is organized!
After several months the team will be officially on three servers.
Server administrators:

Ankalike since January 2015 Oxathyde moderates this server and manages the community.
  Oxathyde becomes the administrator of the Ankalike (Administration / Recruitment).
Heroic Gygy cares level development and management of this server
The development and recruitment will be done by Gygy.
The new server is coming soon, you will be more in a few weeks.
Semi-Like Deciibel prepares the server and will be responsible for development are outside the global updates.

Animation The-Name and Marco prepares superb event in the months ahead, careful holding your belt!

The team Kryone

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Nouveau System de vote


Olá a todos,

Um novo sistema de votação foi implantando explicação:
- níveis, existem 5 cada você ganha 5 pontos a mais em seus terminais de ganho
- As recompensas, sim eles vão receber recompensas em determinados níveis de limiar-lo no frame direito uma pequena imagem de sua possível vitória (vários objetos, os pontos de pacotes).

Para atingir os 5 níveis, que é o nível máximo que você irá acumular mais votos é 57 assim que você vai de 30 pontos base mais 25 pontos de bônus.
Quando um voto duplo é ativo você apenas 30 pontos base estão se multiplicando por isso, se o seu nível de ette 2 você terá 70 pontos pars votaram.

Sistema Por este?

Queríamos um sistema para evitar uma mensagem de constrangedor para indicar que você votou sem força Carib você, portanto, fundador gygy disse por que não os níveis votos com recompensas para seu então desenvolvido.

coisas para vir sobre este tema:

-a classificação é adequado para votos com o nome de seu personagem principal e não o seu apelido.
desenvolvimento -A será lançado para criar itens que podem ser obtidos apenas através dos votos.

Por favor, entenda que deixar a equipe Kryone.

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